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International Review of Financial Consumers(IRFC)


The International Review of Financial Consumers (IRFC) publishes rigorous and original research related to protections for financial consumers. All theoretical, empirical, and practical papers from scholars and practitioners are all highly welcome.


Suggested topics are in the following, but not intended to place limitations on topics.


  • protection for financial consumers

  • business ethics of financial institutions

  • market discipline of financial industries

  • corporate social responsibility of financial institutions

  • renovation or innovation of law and regulations related to financial consumption

  • public policies for financial consumption

  • innovation or fair trading of financial products

  • dispute resolution for financial consumption

  • case studies of best practices for financial serious or their consumption

  • international comparison of protection for financial consumers 


IRFCs shall be published twice a year ; October, April. Papers submissions shall be accepted throughout the year. A select number of papers presented at the Jeju conference shall be published after the conference has ended.



Vol.1 No.1 

Vol.2 No.1 

IRFC Editorial Board Members


1. Tennyson, Sharon USACORNELL UNIVERSITYAdvisor

2. Cho, Man KOREAKDICo-Editors

3. Chen, Tsai-Jyh Taiwan NATIONAL CHENGHI UNIVERSITYCo-Editors

4. Choi, ChulKOREA Sookmyung Womens U.Associate Editors

5. Devenney, James UKUNIVERSITY OF DUBLINAssociate Editors

6. Lee, Yong Man KOREAHANSUNG UNIVERSITYAssociate Editors

7. Mamun, Muhammad BangladeshUNIVERSITY OF DHAKAAssociate Editors

8. Robb, Clifford USAUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonAssociate Editors

9. Rokhim, RofikohIndonesia UNIVERSITY OF INDONESIAAssociate Editors

10. Sohn, Sang Hee KOREASEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITYAssociate Editors

11. You, Seung Dong KOREASANGMYUNG UNIVERSITYAssociate Editors

12. Lee, Tae Jun KOREAKDIAssociate Editors

13. Lee, Jin Soo KOREAKDIAssociate Editors

14. Shinar, Ruth PlatoIsrae lNETANTYA ACADEMIC COLLEGEAssociate Editors

15. Lin, Jan-JuyTaiwan NATIONAL CHENGHI UNIVERSITYAssociate Editors

16. Born, Patricia USAFLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITYAssociate Editors

17. Guillen, MontserratSpain UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONAAssociate Editors

18. Senatore, VincenzoItaly GSA STUDIOAssociate Editors

19. Ai, Jing USAUNIVERSITY OF HAWAIIAssociate Editors

20. Chen, Cherie UKCASS BUSINESS SCHOOLAssociate Editors

21. Zheng, WeiChina PEKING UNIVERSITYAssociate Editors

22. Yasuda, YukihiroJapan HITOTSBASHI UNIVERSITYAssociate Editors

23 Madamba, Jeanette PhilippinesUNIVERSITY OF PHILIPPINESAssociate Editors

24. Barocelli, Sebastian ArgentinaUNIVERSIDAD DE BUENOS AIRESAssociate Editors

25. Patil, Ashok India NLSIU UNIVERSITYAssociate Editors

26. Kelly-Louw, Michelle South Africa UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AFRICAAssociate Editors

27. Schmulow, Andy Australia UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIAAssociate Editors

28. Costa, Ligia Maura  Brazi lFGVAssociate Editors



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