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Q. When was the Graduate School of Global Insurance and Pension established?

A. The Graduate school of Global Insurance and Pension was established in March 2015.


Q. When are lectures taken?

A. Unless otherwise notified, lectures are normally taken every Saturday (6-8 hours)


Q. For whom is the program intended?

A. Graduate school of Global Insurance and Pension is highly recommended for whom hold positions in companies in Korea as well as worldwide, including major insurers and re-insurers, international insurance brokers, national health care, investment and retail banks, accountancy firms, management consultancies and industrial corporations. The course is designed to equip you for a globally outstanding career in insurance and pension sector.


Q. How many students are enrolled per year?

A. Approximately 15 students are enrolled per year.


Q. How are lectures offered?

A. Graduate School of Global Insurance and Pension not only makes use of a variety of teaching methods, but also offers student to attend international level of academic conferences such as IAFICO, APRIA, ARIA and etc. Besides, the course provides dual degree program joint with St. John’s University.


Q. How much is the tuition fee?

A. The tuition fee is approximately USD 8,000 per semester.


Q. Does alumni network exist for its young establishment?

A. There are more than 200 alumni specialized in insurance from School of Business since its establishment in 1972 and 200 graduates from Sungkyun World Insurance Program, who altogether founded the biggest alumni community in the insurance and pension sector - “Sung Bo Hui”. Currently our alumni form a powerful and expanding network of prominent people in leading organizations. Scholars from Sungkyunkwan University established and served as the first president of Korean Insurance Academic Society (1964), Korean Risk Management Society (1989), Korean Academy of Financial Consumers (2010) and International Academy of Financial Consumers (2015). Graduates will be part of the biggest network in insurance pension field.

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