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Agricultural Crop Insurance



Improving Farmers’ Access to Agricultural Insurance in India


Big data approaches to crop insurance in Asia


When and How Should Agricultural Insurance Be Subsidized? : Issues and Good Practices


Government Support to Agricultural Insurance : Challenges and Options for Developing Countries


Agricultural Insurance in Bangladesh : Promoting Access to Small and Marginal Farmers


Bangladesh : Agriculture Insurance Situation Analysis


Crop Insurance in US 





The Emerging Global Landscape of Mobile Microinsurance


Microinsurance ; What Can Donors Do


Microinsurance ; Risk Protection for 4 Billion People


Microinsurance ; Striving to Provide Valuable Insurance Coverage to Billions of Emerging Consumers Globally


Microinsurance in Bangladesh; Risk Protection for the Poor


Can micro health insurance reduce poverty Evidence from Bangladesh


Microinsurance ; A Case Study of the Indian Rainfall Index Insurance Market


Microinsurance in India ; A Powerful Tool to Empower Poor


Micro Insurance Academy ; Improving Health Insurance Coverage in India


Micro insurance in India ; Trends and Strategies for Further Extension






Development finance, blended finance and insurance


Economic and insurance market growth; win-win


Insurance: adding value to development in emerging markets







Life insurance; focusing on the consumer


Evaluating the Effects of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Service Value on Behavioral Intentions with Life Insurance Customers in India


Determinants of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Vietnamese Life-Insurance Setting


Insurance Market Report, Non-Life(P&C) ; Indonesia


Insurance Market Report, Non-Life(P&C) ; Laos


Insurance Market Report, Non-Life(P&C) ; Myanmar


Insurance Market Report, Non-Life(P&C) ; Vietnam


Insurance Market Report, Life & Benefits ; Indonesia


Insurance Market Report, Life & Benefits ; Laos


Insurance Market Report, Life & Benefits ; Myanmar


Insurance Market Report, Life & Benefits ; Vietnam

SKKU Visiting Researcher Research Papers

Expanding Retirement Savings to Informal Sector Workers ; A Literature Review

Evaluating Indonesian Pension System After Reformation

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